A district is a geographic area designed to support Scouting in an area through training, program planning, and support. A district committee is composed of volunteers who deal with specific tasks, including membership, program, and finance. The district also has a commissioner staff. A unit commissioner is assigned to coach your unit adults, help solve problems, and provide other guidance as needed.

The Cherokee Area Council is divided into three districts; John Ross, Sequoyah, and Ocoee. The Sequoyah District is divided into four districts; Sequoyah West, Sequoyah East, Sequoyah Central and ScoutReach.

For more information about local Scouting groups, activities, events, camps, to sign up for Scouting or to start a Pack, Troop, Crew or Post at your organization, contact your District Executive.

District Contact Phone Email
John Ross Barry Fisher 423-713-7634 Barry.Fisher@Scouting.org
Sequoyah District Director Ryan Murray 423-713-7633 Ryan.Murray@Scouting.org
Sequoyah 1 Ryan Murray 423-713-7633 Ryan.Murray@Scouting.org
Sequoyah 2 Madison McCann 423-713-7639 Madison.McCann@Scouting.org
Sequoyah 3/ScoutReach Ryan Murray 423-713-7633 Ryan.Murray@Scouting.org
Ocoee Phillip Garrett 423-713-7637 Phillip.Garrett@Scouting.org