Skymont is located on the western edge of Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau.  Tropical oceans which once covered what is now Tennessee caused large seams of coal to be embedded in the sandstone and limestone layers of rock.

As in the Savage Gulf area of the Cumberland Plateau just to the north of Skymont, during periods of heavy rainfall the usually dry river and creek beds become swift and treacherous.  Flash flooding can be a real danger during the heavy rains of spring and summer.

Skymont is a 2,460 acre tract of largely wooded land in Grundy County, TN. on the Cumberland plateau which was acquired by the Cherokee Area Council, BSA in 1968.  It was previously known as Skymont Hunting and Fishing, Inc.

Skymont features include primarily wooded areas and 5 lakes which are stocked with fish.  There is a 26 mile perimeter around Skymont, much of which is known as The Perimeter Trail.  There is one cave which adjoins the property, Van Dyke's cave.  Interestingly, the land which is now known as Skymont used to have a layover station on the Hill's Turnpike, which was a stagecoach route running between Hillsboro, Tennessee near Nashville to Dalton, Georgia.  The coach ran the route twice per month, and also carried mail over the route.  The layover station burned the year after the Civil War ended. 




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