A myriad of hiking trails crosses and surrounds Skymont's 2,400 acres.


Skymont Scout Reservation is wealthy in the natural beauty of the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau.  Mountain springs, creeks, brooks, rock formations and overlooks surround the reservation.  Faint evidence of ancient Native American visits exists on the southeastern perimeter, and nearby are the archaeological remains of a 19th century stagecoach station.

The trail around Skymont’s perimeter is a 12-mile hike along the edge of the plateau.  Troops may elect to hike portions of the trail and see EAGLE’S BLUFF and the OVERLOOK, the WATERFALL or any of our 4 LAKES on property.

Troops wishing to hike sections of the trail during summer camp should contact the Camp Ranger at david.young2@scouting.org.

The trail map for the Skymont Scout Reservation is available in the Admin Building during summer camp season.



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