Skymont Scout Reservation
Year-Round Use
Policies and Procedures

Information taken from the Camp Property & Facilities Usage Form
Email Ranger David to inquire about reserving camp during the off season.

  1. A Local/National BSA Tour Permit, signed Skymont Policies and Procedures form and a unit camping/activity roster must be submitted to the Camp Ranger upon check-in for units using the property outside of a Council or District sponsored event.  Cub Scout Packs must have at least one (1) registered adult in attendance who has completed BALOO training.
  2. Each unit using Skymont property must have a minimum of two registered adult leaders, one who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older and the other must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older.  At least one (1) registered adult in attendance must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training. Access will be denied to Skymont if this requirement is not met.
  3. One truck/trailer per unit can be used to move gear in and out of a campsite.  A unit trailer may be left in the campsite.  Vehicles must be parked in a designated parking area.  Arrangements will be made for handicapped individuals on an as needed basis.
  4. Campsite assignments will be made at the discretion of the Camp Ranger or his designee.
  5. If you or your unit are using the Perimeter Trail or any of the underdeveloped parts of camp, use the Safety Rule of Four which is: no fewer than four individuals (always with a minimum of two adults) go on any back country expedition or campout.  If an accident occurs, one person stays with the injured and two go for help.  Perimeter Trail information is available at camp.  All users of the Perimeter Trail and/or undeveloped parts of camp must check in and out with Camp Ranger or his designee.
  6. Equipment or tools loaned to units must be signed for, and returned clean and serviceable or paid for if any damage occurs.
  7. Units are required to leave their areas clean and pack out their garbage.  Follow the Leave No Trace guidelines.
  8. No tree cutting.
  9. No hunting is allowed, and use of firearms will be restricted to the rifle and shotgun ranges with qualified (National Camp School Certified and/or NRA) adult supervision.  Other than summer camp or council approved events, the unit is responsible for providing this supervision as well as evidence of qualification.
  10. The use of fireworks, drugs and alcohol is not permitted on the reservation.  Use of tobacco products in front of youth is highly discouraged.
  11. Fires may only be built in designated fire rings.
  12. All canoes and boats must have one life preserver for each occupant and each occupant must wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD).  Safety Afloat* standards must be followed and at least one (1) person in attendance must be certified in CPR from any recognized agency.
  13. All swimming must follow the BSA Safe Swim Defense* standards.  The unit is responsible for providing qualified adult supervision.
  14. Units will assume responsibility for all damages to camp facilities or equipment.
  15. No dogs allowed, only exceptions are seeing-eye dogs or guide dogs.
  16. No open toed and/or open heeled shoes allowed.

*Available for purchase at the Scout Service Center.



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