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All full-time paid staff is expected to be available for the full season.  Pre-season training and planning meetings will be held in the Spring.  Some exceptions do occur.

The Staff sets an example of Scouting excellence by properly wearing their Scout uniform while in camp.  Camp staff members are to wear the Venture uniform.

The standards of the Scout Oath and Scout Law must be adhered to at all times.

All Staff are provided with a Staff Manual detailing lodging, meals, behavior policies, equipment needs, uniforms, etc.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act enacted November 6, 1986 requires all employers to verify that each applicant is legally eligible to work in the United States. You will be asked to sign a declaration (Form I-9 ?Employment Eligibility Verification?) stating that you are legally authorized to work in the United States. You will be asked to provide two documents containing your photograph or other identifying information (i.e., Driver?s License, School ID Card, etc). This verification will be done at camp on the first day of your employment.
Work permits are required for paid staff members, obtain application from your school, send it to the Scout Service Center for completion (after you are hired), we will complete and return to you, take to your school where the actual permit is issued, bring the work permit TO CAMP.

  • The minimum age accepted is 15. Boy Scouts of America standards requires ages of 18 and 21 for some positions.
  • All staff members must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America prior to employment.
  • The standards of the Scout Oath or Promise and Law must be adhered to. See below.
  • The staff must set an example of excellence on Scouting which includes the proper wearing of the full uniform and the proper use of official equipment while in camp.
  • Salary is based on position responsibility with consideration given to individual?s experience.
  • Review the list of jobs in the various departments, indicating your top 3 preferences on the application. A brief resume of your experience regarding each of your choices is requested.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be selected for your first choice of camp or position.

The Scout Law as it Pertains to Camp Staff:
On staff you make new friends, enjoy an outdoor summer, and contribute in some measure to the growth and welfare of the Scouts you serve. Each staff member has specific duties and responsibilities, but everyone on staff shares in the duties of others whenever and wherever necessary. The principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Law are the principles that guide every endeavor and action in camp. You become the prime motivation for each Scout to exemplify this way of life.

  • A SCOUT IS TRUSTWORTHY. Through your life as a staff member you will find that trust and success go hand in hand. The more people trust you, the more success you will achieve. The camp management trusts that you will fulfill your obligations to the best of your abilities.
  • A SCOUT IS LOYAL. Loyalty to the Camp and to your associates is essential to the success of each staff member. You should constantly be observant and concerned about matters affecting the total harmony of the Camp and bring such matters to the attention of the Camp Director.
  • A SCOUT IS HELPFUL. It begins with an attitude of helpfulness to the newly arrived Scout and his family. Apart from the service rendered, that first impression of helpfulness means so much. A lone Scout's problem, if observed by you, becomes your problem until you have brought it to the attention of his Scoutmaster or the Camp Director. Every assistance you give is one more guarantee that the Scout will have a happy stay in camp.
  • A SCOUT IS FRIENDLY. As you pass a Scout or a leader on the trail, even if you've never met, say "HI, SCOUT!" A friendly word costs nothing, yet gives so much good will. Be a friend to all and avoid forming cliques. Be a brother to every Scout in the fullest sense. It is really amusing when a Scout you met at camp remembers you a year later.
  • A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS. You represent the Boy Scouts of America as you deal with all that enter our camp. In your visit to nearby towns, you represent the camp, and this implies a certain code of personal conduct that will reflect credit upon you, the Camp, the Council, and the BSA. Courtesy may be interpreted as respect for the time of others. Be on time always. Above all, it means a reputation for reliability and promptness. It means giving better than a good measure every duty and responsibility. A chief factor in the personal health and welfare of the staff member is establishing regular and adequate hours for sleep. Staff "taps" is 11 p.m. Be courteous to the staff member who needs to go to bed earlier than that.
  • A SCOUT IS KIND. Kindness is often interpreted in its relationship to animal life. Show boys how to be thoughtful to the animals in your camp. Kindness and consideration for others, however, is often of an even greater importance.
  • A SCOUT IS OBEDIENT. A staff member carries out his responsibilities to perfection and responds to direction of his supervisors and the Camp Director. This does not call for unquestioning obedience, but it does call for personal trustworthiness and loyalty to the Camp and the Camp Director. If you have something on your mind, express it quickly to the right person - your supervisor or the Camp Director.
  • A SCOUT IS CHEERFUL. A happy camp is a successful camp. Happiness is contagious, particularly in a Scout camp. No one is in a better position to promote and stimulate this attitude than you. Each staff member, regardless of position, should take it upon himself to motivate and give an outlook of cheerfulness and happiness in the minds of all. A staff member loves to sing songs.
  • A SCOUT IS THRIFTY. Each staff member should consider his responsibilities in protecting and conserving the equipment, physical property, and the resources of the Camp. You are in the position to save thousands of dollars that can be used to replace or repair damaged property.
  • A SCOUT IS BRAVE. This summer you represent the largest organization for boys in the world, and you are an employee of one of the finest Scout camps in the world. You represent Scouting in all respects. You believe in the Scout Oath and Law, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
  • A SCOUT IS CLEAN. Your personal living quarters are to be an example of cleanliness and orderliness. It is obvious that if your quarters are disorderly or dirty, campers can hardly be expected to do better. Those who have to shave will be expected to do so before breakfast. Get a haircut when needed, and keep your hair clean, neat, and combed.
  • A SCOUT IS REVERENT. Being faithful in your religious duties becomes of great importance to us as camp staff members because of the force our example has in molding the attitudes of those who look at us as the inspiration for the right attitudes and high ideals.


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