Webelos Resident Camp 2019

Webelos Resident Camp 2019
Registration Begins
4/1/2019 12:00 PM
Last Day To Register
6/25/2019 11:55 PM
Skymont Scout Reservation, 3344 Cabbage Patch Rd
Altamont, TN 37301, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

You MUST register online and you must register AS A PACK, but you can make a payment in the Scout Shop.  After making your class selections you will see the Payment page, simply click beside the yellow mailbox, save your class selections and print your "receipt".  Please bring this receipt to the Scout Shop to make your payment.

All payments must be received by June 14th. More information here

What is Webelos Resident Camp? 

The premiere camping experience preparing Webelos I and II for their transition into Scouts, BSA. Designed to be full of excitement in a supportive environment, Scouts will participate in programmed activities and adventure similar to Resident Scout camp. Held at Skymont Scout Reservation, the facilities provide a traditional Scouting experience and offer quality programming opportunities. Scouts must be registered Webelos I or Webelos II. The program promises to provide adventurous offerings for all Scouts looking for a challenge and a lot of fun! 

Scouts will select 1 class each day (Mon, Tue, Wed): 

Art Explosion - Many things inspire artists to create their work. People, nature, feelings, textures (how things feel) colors-almost everything can be an inspiration! In this adventure, Webelos Scouts will have the opportunity to find what inspires them by creating works of art! Aquanaut- Dive into the lake! In this adventure you'll discover how to enjoy swimming and boating safely and how to respond to water emergencies. You'll also start learning skills that carry over to Scouts, BSA Adventures in Science- Learn about the scientific method and explore areas of science! Explore the solar system, launch a rocket and experiment with chemical reactions! 

Build It/ Fix It - Use tools to build a project, their uses and how to fix common issues to use in everyday life. Explore camp through this hands on project. 

Canoeing- Scouts will learn the basics of canoe safety and paddling techniques. Then they'll launch into the water for real life experience. Castaway- In this adventure you'll learn wilderness survival skills. Whether you're trapped on a desert island, separated from your group in the woods, or trapped on the side of a cliff- you'll learn important skills in this class!

Climbing- Test your limits in our safe and supportive climbing environment. Scouts will climb all over this adventure. Learn how to safely climb and rappel on our camp tower. (Webelos II Only) 

Earth Rocks! - In this adventure, you'll dig into the world of rocks and minerals and discover some surprises about the science of geology! Lots of fun, and hands on learning! 

Engineer - Discover why and how we build things! Build blueprints and examine structures through a whole new viewpoint! 

Engineering - Explore engineering by learning to design and build objects using blueprints and engineering principles. 

First Responder - Scouts will be putting "Be Prepared" into action learning.

Every day will be OPEN PROGRAMMING where Scouts will be able to freely move from one activity to another of their choosing. BBs, Archery, Aquatics, and Climbing will be open during this time! 

$85.00 per Adult Leader
$85.00 per Den Chief
$175.00 per Webelos Scout
Late fee
After 5/31/2019 a fee of $35.00 will apply to all Adult Leader Registrants.
After 5/31/2019 a fee of $35.00 will apply to all Den Chief Registrants.
After 5/31/2019 a fee of $25.00 will apply to all Webelos Scout Registrants.
Cancellation Policy
Refund requests must be received in writing and will be granted in accordance with the General Refund Policy of the Cherokee Area Council, BSA.


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